Monday, June 1, 2015

Soft Hearts, Smiles and Searching for Truth

1) So this last week, Elder Raffagnini and I talked to a family that hasn't seen the missionaries in over a year. Elder Blake (one of the current Assistants to Presudente Chaparro) served in this area over a year ago and sent us a message to go visit a family in a neighbor hood very far away from our area unexplored. We left early in the morning to set off our exploration. We walked around the area for 2 hours looking for this family. Talked with any person in the streets asking them if they knew where the family lived. Two teenagers were hoping on to a horse and we asked them what they were going to go do. They responded "We are going to catch more horses"... Keep up the good work guys! Goodness..... We finally found the family, the Mom, Hydee didn't recognize us at first, and them one of the kids came RUNNING to the fence to shake our hands. Huge smile on his face. Hydee said to us that she had been wondering when we were going to pass by again. We didn't have time to meet with them for much time so we set another time to pass by and share a few scriptures with them. The following day we arrived at their house, sat out side on cinder-blocks and invited them to be baptized. They all accepted. The daughters had been preparing in the past but Elder Blake said they "blew it" with one of their lessons. After the lesson, Elder Blake said they didn't want to hear them again... The missionaries never went back... Goes to show that a good example and a smile lasts longer than one bad experience. Please Keep them (the Orellana Family) in your prayers that they progress and prepare for their baptism the 27th of June.

2) The Flores Family... Omar the dad has 4 daughters 11 years and younger and 1 Son 4 years old with Leukemia. He and his wife are really struggling as they take turns sleeping in the hospital and taking care of their kids. RocĂ­o their oldest is the typical older sister who takes control of the situation when her parents break down... We were singing a himno with them yesterday night and I couldn't help but to just stare at them as we sang. You could just see the love they had for one another and the family support they have for each other. Their extended family doesn't recognize them as family members so they are literally on their own. I think the son will die... please keep them in your prayers as well.

3) Alcidis. A 23 year old police sergeant is looking for the truth in his life. His girl friend just got baptized in another ward. We invited him to be baptized. He accepted - The 27th as well. He asked us "How can I receive an answer from the spirit if I don't have the gift of the Holy ghost?" He really pays attention and is LOOKING for what we have to give him.

I love you Trevor and Dad.

Have a great birthday month.

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