Monday, August 25, 2014

Washing The Feet of His Fold

MOM, Accept the facebook request from Alejandra Cuevas. The Cuevaz family lived in UTAH for a few years and she speaks Spanish and English. She Rocks. They are as close to the HAMPTON family here in ARG.

Bought a portable DVD. I love the sales/people skills Dad and Troy and Grandpa have taught me. My pockets are a little heavier because of it.

I appreciate the help with the Health. I am a pillar of energy and spirit this week. Thank you.

I want to share an experience with you about my week this last week.

One of our investigators, Miguel Giminez, has a badly infected leg. Last week it was to the point where infection has been saliendo (I don't really know an adequate word in English) out of an open wound in his knee for over 2 months. We teach him almost every other day and his pant leg is always soaked with fluid around his knee. It is terrible. He has ulcers on his feet and very very very affected toe nails that are changing the color of his toes. The shoes he wears are normal sneakers but very dried and almost like sand paper.

This last week, Elder Vera and I performed  surgery.

We washed his leg and messaged the infection out of his leg for about an hour using a lot of gause to clean as we worked. Elder Vera had a pair of Crocs (The spongy shoe) that he turned into shoes that Miguel could wear. We washed his feet, peeling off crust and dirt from in between his toes and heals. We cleaned his legs and feet, took out as much infection as we could, used purification oil on his knee and feet and then wrapped everything in bandages to absorb the oil and keep it clean. Left with a priesthood blessing of health and a scripture on Charity (His favorite topic to listen to).

To be honest and open, it was a very trying experience, yet, I don´t know if I´ve ever felt more humble. While we were washing his feet Elder Vera had said a comment that made me realize what we were really doing. As representatives of Jesus Christ, we were literally washing the feet of another person like Christ had done in Juan 13. For the rest of the day I reflected on what we had done for Miguel; Feeling an insurmountable feeling of gratitude and love for my Savior.

Mom, I have to just say thank you for what you and Dad have taught me. Daily I represent two names. Hampton and Jesucristo. I am not here as Devin. Not for a second. A life of sacrifice yields the best tasting fruit, a heart full of love, a life filled the blessings of Eternity.

Enjoy your week my family.
You are always in my prayers and in my thoughts.

THINGS I NEED...well, I really don't need anything, but I would REALLY like:
Taco Bell seasoning


Elder Devin G. Hampton

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Argentina Flare

I know the Lord is blessing me 100 fold every day, and if the family is experiencing just 1 tenth of the blessings I am receiving every day you guys must be flooded with them. I love it.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Thank you for the updates this last week. I loved the pictures of the Beach and the Family. 2 years and I´ll be jumping through the waves too.

I am fine and well down here in Argentina. Days are long, and the nights couldnt be shorter. I have met a FABULOUS man whos name is Mario. 

Mario was outside his house smoking a cig. when we contacted him. We talked for 2 mins, gave him a pamphlet of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, invited him to read it and set an appt for the following evening. The following night we asked him how he liked the pamphlet. His response was 

¨As I was reading it, I just felt in my chest somthing moving. I felt all warm. Like I was reading something good. I felt good. I know what I read in that phamplet was the truth. I just know it. I know it is the truth¨

Since then he has recieved 3 very real and very powerful answers 
1 - About the Book of Mormon
2 - About the sacred work done in temples for our ancestors. 
3 - About the power we receive when we keep the Word of Wisdom.

I want to share just one of them to illistrate the type of person Mario has become and the powerful answers anyone can receive through the simple phrase ¨search, ponder, and pray¨

After our 2nd visit with him, Mario had learned about the Restoration of the Gospel and Priesthood of God. He had learned how to pray and experienced the Holy Ghost bear testimony of what we had taught and what he had read. He also had accepted to be baptised on the 16th of Agosto. At this point in his conversion we invited Mario to read 2 Nephi 31 and pray about it. 
That night Mario read and prayed. He shared his experience with us the next day saying: ¨I had a dream about what you guys taught me. I had a dream and in the dream I saw my Dad who had passed away 6 months ago. He was SO happy. Almost laughing. He was in white. Everyone was dressed in white. There was a very tall guy, all in white too. He was huge. Big shoulders. Supper tall. It was just my dad and this tall guy and they were so happy.¨ In a later lesson we taught him about the work he can do for his ancestors in the templo. For some reason we had a photo of Angel Moroni in our lesson and he looked at the picture of Angel Moroni and said ¨that was the Tall Guy in my dream with my dad!¨. He said he got chills when he realized he could get baptized for his dad, and that he thinks he knows what his dad was so happy in his dream. 

I too think I know what Mario´s dad was so happy in his dream. I know Mario is receiving the divine aid of his ancestors every day we continue to teach him. I know Mario (and his four kids) will bring salvation to his Father, Mother, and all of his ancestors. I can just imagine all of his family members who have passed away with spiritual swords fighting off the unseen forces of evil in this world. 

Mario is devouring the Book of Mormon and is reading Talks by President Ering and other general authourities. He has a Doctrine and Covenants. He reads every day. HE IS AMAZING!

The pictures are of 1 - Santiago y Lordes the cousins of Carlos Almiron, Their parents are preparing for baptisim. and Santiago turns 8 this Jueves and is excited to be baptised like his older Cousin (kind of like Preston and I relationship).
2 - Full moon last night was awesome. 

Love you very very very much. 
Elder Devin G. Hampton

Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's Christmas!

Please Excuse my impossible English... Spanish has taken over my brain. Oh what a problem - forgetting English because The Lord has replaced it with Spanish :) 

I opened 3 of the envelopes 
¨1st baptisim¨ ¨open now¨¨for the kids¨

AND for the chicken article and all of the pictures and the written memories. Thank you for sharing and sending your love. 

Cada persona aquĆ­ tiene su propias gallinas! Yo solo quiero ayudar con todo los animales. Cabras, gallinas, chanchitos, todos. Me encanta.

i loved getting all of the videos this week and all of the picutures. Utah looked like a lot of fun!

My High for this week is that I got to experience Salta! ¡QUE LINDO! 
This week I had to fill out some papers in person in Salta so Elder Vera y Yo travled to Salta to get it all done. 5 hours (one way) in a bus can be long, but I brought my hymn book and am in the middle of transposing the entire hymn book for the harmonica. ALMOST DONE! it freaking rocks. The drive to and from is all ¨campo¨entonces we got to watch the jungle, mountains, and plains all pass by as we studied scriptures on the bus.