Saturday, November 29, 2014


We couldn't take it!  It was 1pm and we decided we were having Thanksgiving Dinner.

2kilos of potatoes
1 little turkey (chicken)
a salad with RANCH (sent in an earlier package!)
cherry limeade from Megan's Mom!
a plate full of stale cookies from the Noche de Hogar last week.
Threw together a play list of Christmas music and at 2:30 we were having Thanksgiving.

We did our "I'm thankful for" in a circle, and then after eating I plugged in the flash drive you sent and we sat and listened to all the family give there "I'm grateful for". I cried listening to some of them.

Thanksgiving made me really grateful for the support I have from you and the whole family. Thank you for the banner and the flash drive.

I love you mom.

Elder Devin G. Hampton

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Question & Answers

I felt it appropriate to send this as a mass email the Saturday before thanks giving and to also say thank you for the many letters and packages I have gotten over the past 7 months. A Hampton Tradition before eating thanks giving dinner is to go around in a circle (the whole family and friends who are present) and to say what you are thankful for. I have to say the thing I am most thankful for this year is the atonement or sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I love our Savior and am grateful for the privilege and duty I have to be a representative of Him and His church.  I know he lives and loves us. I know it.

To answer some questions:

What things are most satisfying for you that you're able to do or accomplish?
Hands down, the most satisfying thing I can accomplish in a day is my personal study. There are not words that describe the amount of help I receive when I keep this commandment given to us in John 5:39. I cannot begin to count the blessings and miracles I see in my work when I have started my day with my studies. Alma asks us, in the 33rd chapter 14th verse of his book, about our diligence in reading the scriptures, “now behold, my brethren, I would ask if ye have read the scriptures?” What follows is the blessing and reason we need to read: “…if ye have, how can ye disbelieve on the Son of God?” We “disbelieve” on the Son of God when we try to strong arm our lives. The I-can-do-this-my-self mentality is a sheer lack of faith and completely negates the role of Jesus Christ in our lives. I testify from personal experience that I have never in my life achieved such a level of productivity than that which I have and will continue to experience while working in the mission office. I KNOW that has only been because I have “searched the scriptures diligently, that [I] might know the word of God.'
Scripture Study is the most satisfying thing that I am able to do and accomplish.

What investigators have you been able to work with recently and their background or a little about them?
The people I teach have been and will continue to be the reason why I love being a missionary.
Right now we are working with Part Member families; killing two birds with one stone while teaching children who weren't baptized while also fortifying the testimonies of those who were recently baptized. The Familia Navarro is one of these familias. Natalia, Ailin, and Alexia are 3 sisters who were baptized less than a year ago. Natalia has 22 years and Ailin 19, and Alexia 16. Their brother Santiago, is the investigator. He´ll be baptized on the 29th. Elder Purser and I were trying to figure out how we could maximize our time in our area with less than half the hours of normal missionaries. Natalia and Ailin are both preparing for missions and we had the idea to give the sisters the opportunity to teach their brother so that he can be the first person they helped to be baptized. They loved the idea and it has been working very well. I have never sat and talked with their parents. There are 12 kids in the family and I haven't meet everyone either. Ailin can teach. She always helps us teach lessons and it’s SO AWESOME to see the progression of someone preparing for a mission. She’ll start her papers this Sunday. Natalia wants to serve a medical mission after her first year of university. She also teaches with us when Ailin can´t and loves to help in every way possible. This family was less active when we were transferred into the area and now 2 are preparing for missions and helping other members of their family beginning their path in the direction of the Savior.

Have you been able to play the piano in the office or other pianos as well?
In Tucum├ín I was the ward Pianist/Organist (the piano was electric and had organ functions… we lit that place on fire on Sundays). Here in Salta I again am the ward pianist (stringed piano… that may by missing a few… or a lot). I love it. God allowed me to take this talent with me to this earth and every time I play the piano I know I am blessing the lives of others: Helping invite the spirit, helping others sing their testimonies, just helping in any way I can. The 2nd counselor caught me after our Family Home Evening and gave me a piece of paper with the ward Christmas program on it. He said he wanted just to give me a heads up so that I knew what the primary and relief society and congregation would be singing. I really smiled inside when he handed me that paper. When before I would have received this responsibility with internal grumbling, I took the paper from his hands and couldn’t have been more excited to help. Sharing your talents not only blesses others but also the individual. I can now sit down and play almost every song in the Spanish Hymn Book. I am grateful for my opportunities to serve and praise My Heavenly Father and His children.

What you most look forward to each day?
Nightly prayers. It’s like ending your day with the best conversation. He listens. He understands. He knows what I’m talking about. It's like talking with your best friend in the middle of the night about the most important thoughts and feelings in your life. It is the best way to fall asleep (sometimes in the middle of the prayer) knowing that your triumphs and shortcomings for that day were watched and witnessed. It is THE opportunity of the day. Drop everything I need to. Give thanks for the countless blessings of the day. Pleading for answers and for help. I love the ending of my days.

What is your favorite dish or food you've had and do members feed you guys?
My favorite food or dish would be “Sandwich de Lomito de Pollo”. IT IS AMAZING! $35 pesos and they deliver. Celebrating the end of a “Wet Saturday” or when the stress of legality crushes every living thing inside of you a “Lomito de Pollo” makes everything a little  bit brighter. In short it’s a chicken sandwich with french fries, but we don’t have this celestial food in the U.S. Next time we order one I’ll take some pictures of what’s inside.
Yes, members feed us. In Argentina, however, it’s lunch. Dinner doesn’t exist for missionaries in Argentina because it's at 10:30 at night. We eat a huge lunch that lasts us until breakfast the next day. It’s pretty sweet.

How cold is it?
Not really cold. It’s hot and humid. It rains a lot which cools down the night but makes the following day very humid or “heavy”. 2 weeks ago we moved all of our matrises up on the roof of our house to sleep because it is an oven inside the house. The mosquitos are the worst, but sleeping under the stars or waking up in the middle of the night to pee of the roof is something I miss since moving from Zenda Dr.

How are the llamas?
There are not very many llamas in Salta. But there are more dogs than people… its awesome. You walk with a rock in your hand in some neighborhoods to chuck at the dogs so you can walk to your next lesson

Have you punched any of your companions yet?
No I haven’t punched any of them. yet…

Do you sleep well at night?
If it’s on the roof - yes. If it’s in my room – depends if it rained that day or not.  My mattress  is amazing. It practically temperpedic. 

What is the area like where you are?
My area is the best. We have the drug dealing, robbing and killing neighborhoods. But also the church building so that’s awesome and a lot of ceramic brick factories. Lots of dogs. And this random little bunch of houses built up the side of a hill. Imagine the neighborhoods in Coachella  in the middle of summer with like 300 dogs per person.

How is it being opposite seasons than us? Is it weird to be getting warmer the closer to the holidays it gets?
I miss the colder weather so I cut paper snowflakes and decorated the office with Christmas time things to compensate. I like to keep the air conditioning on very cold as well to make it seem like it is really Christmas time. But then when I leave to go teach it’s a season change. I got sun burnt last week from playing soccer for 2 hours without sunscreen. It’s a little different, but I’ve made the necessary adjustments.

Plans for thanksgiving?
I have heard nothing about thanksgiving in Argentina. I don’t think they celebrate it. I got target instant mashed potatoes in a package this last week and I am stoked to make myself some mashed potatoes instead of rice for this Thursdays lunch. The simple things in life. I love it.
Well. I hope that answered some of the questions you had. Keep the faith and know that Christ lives.


Elder Devin G. Hampton

Thursday, November 20, 2014

God is a God of MIRACLES


I can’t tell you how much my heart is filled with love for you guys. Thank you for all of the pictures of Trevor's game.  I loved to see everyone!

HIGH(s): People are moving to our area to be baptized. Its pretty amazing to watch the miracles of the Lord play out. Hermana Reynoso (My Cam) is back from her honeymoon and I have her running 18 missionaries through "migraciones" or the place where we make missionries legal these next 2 weeks. Teaching Elder Purser (my companion) to drive a stick shift - See Pictures

LOW(s): A lot of my buddies are ending their mission in 2 weeks. No one wanting to listen to two sopping wet missionaries this past Wednesday (but a high- walking in the rain with my companion). AND having one of our investigators who was supposed to be baptized last week disappear... interesting....

Can I just express that God is still a God of miracles! Every day in our area is so short (less than 4 hours every day) but our success has not waivered a bit. President Chaparro in our incoming interviews for the office said that the miracles we see in our area will be a direct result from the work we do in the offices. This morning my mind was taken to the scripture in D&C 35 so often used to describe missionaries. “Wherefore I call upon the weak things of the world, those who are unlearned and despised, to thrash the nations by the power of my Spirit.” I know without a doubt that I have been overly blessed to be able to work in the offices and then still get to see the hand of the lord work salvation in the lives of others.

"​For I am God, and mine arm is not shortened; and I will show miracles, signs, and wonders, unto all those who believe on my name.
And whoso shall ask it in my name in faith, they shall castout devils; they shall heal the sick; they shall cause the blind to receive their sight, and the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak,and the lame to walk.​" (D&C 35)

It’s true that when ​we first come on ​our missions, you may be weak and unlearned​, but when we put our trust and faith in the Lord I am amazed​​ by how ​we so quickly become “exceedingly valiant for courage, and also for strength and activity…and true at all times in whatsoever thing you are entrusted.”

And ​to ​think about what the Lord has entrusted ​me with….the salvation of His children living in ​the Argentina Salta Mission.  What a great responsibility.  ​I am so grateful to​ b​e​ here.  ​I am so grateful to be in this​ service.  ​I am so thankful for what I am​ doing.

I love you all so much!
Thank you for all that you do for me.
Until Next Week!

Elder Devin G. Hampton​​

PS My companion would like it to be made know that he lives in Syracuse Utah NOT VERNAL!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In my life now , I love speaking Spanish more than English ... Seriously when I need to talk to parents of missionaries , it is difficult to talk to them . Also I do not like to hear people talking in English . The Lord has changed my mind and I am grateful for that change.

Working in the office has been a great blessing . I love working  with Assistant President Chaparro. We are having  a lot of success in our proselyting area . I know the Lord is guiding our efforts because we are not in our area for more than 4 hours each day ... it's amazing to see what can happen with the hand of the Lord .  Amazing ...

Working so closely with President Chaparro is awesome. He reminds me a lot of Bishop Lowell. He is huge and his heart even bigger. I love him very much, and I love learning from him.
My companion: Elder Taylor Dax Purser is from Vernal Utah. He is the Mission Financier (I don't know what that would translate into English). He is in charge of the missionaries funds ($130 USD or $1550 AR Peso) and all of the finances of the mission. It has been a blessing being able to learn about what he does without having to do it. I know I wouldn't be growing and stretching as much if I was the financier and not the Secretary. All the financial stuff would be taken care of in 2 hours and then I would have nothing to do for the rest of the day haha.  Just kidding.... that was prideful... I'm still working on humility...

There are 6 of us who live together:
2 - Assistants to the president - Elder Almond from Valencia CA and Merrill from Payson Utah.
1 - Registrador - Elder Tafur from Peru
1 - Pesionista - Elder Cardoso from Bs As Argentina
1 - Financiero - Purser
1 - Secetario - Hampton

We live in a house a mile and a half away from the mission offices. We walk to work if we don't have the truck.  I love walking because almost every other house has star-jasmine in the front yard so I really really  like to take my time and enjoy the walk to work. The smell reminds me of Zenda Dr. summer nights with the smell of star jasmine surrounding the house.

The mission offices of the church (very church designed and church functional)

The mission home is where Presidente lives.  It's a HUGE house.  Its sick... I'm still waiting for the prime opportunity to take pictures of the inside without being a weird North-American in Argentina taking pictures of people's houses.

Elder Devin G. Hampton