Saturday, November 29, 2014


We couldn't take it!  It was 1pm and we decided we were having Thanksgiving Dinner.

2kilos of potatoes
1 little turkey (chicken)
a salad with RANCH (sent in an earlier package!)
cherry limeade from Megan's Mom!
a plate full of stale cookies from the Noche de Hogar last week.
Threw together a play list of Christmas music and at 2:30 we were having Thanksgiving.

We did our "I'm thankful for" in a circle, and then after eating I plugged in the flash drive you sent and we sat and listened to all the family give there "I'm grateful for". I cried listening to some of them.

Thanksgiving made me really grateful for the support I have from you and the whole family. Thank you for the banner and the flash drive.

I love you mom.

Elder Devin G. Hampton

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