Sunday, December 14, 2014

Love The Language

So in Argentina we use busses for everything. As secretary, one of the jobs I have is to buy tickets for missionaries who are traveling to and from their area, leaders going on divisions, AP's checking on zones, missionaries being transfered...etc, so I get to spend some time in the Terminal...a lot of time.... I LOVE SEEING PEOPLE FROM THE USA (or other countries that speak english) BACKPACKING OR traveling or vacationing... I also love sharing the gospel in Engligh becuase I am so BAD at it! I don't know how to speak english... Yesterday a couple was at the window next to me buying tickets too and they had their dictionary out and they knew NOTHING of spanish! All they were doing was changing thier accent to a spanish accent BUT STILL SPEAKING ENGLISH.... I leaned over to them and threw a witty comment (Normal Elder Hampton) out and they were so supprised to hear english!
"Where are you from?"
"We're from Austraila"
"Thats awesome we are missionaries in Argentina but are from the US"
"Wow, you guys know spanish very well?"
"Kind of...we try..." trying to be humble ;)
Then I started to talk in spanish at the workers in the ticket window... this was the guys response to me. the guy from Astralia
"You smashed it!"
Judging by the comment, I guess my spanish is getting really good now... Never gets old running into people of a different cultre in the Bus Terminal. Love it.

I think I have strep throat.

Legal work (marrages and divorces) is nuts here. Satan must be at the bottom of it all...

Well. That's about it. I need to go buy a christmas present for our white elephant dinner this next Thursday ! 3 Zones getting together! Woop woop woop! And a marrage the same day for our investigators...ojala......

Love you bye. 
Elder Devin G. Hampton

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