Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Savannah and Natalie and Trevor,

The biggest problem we have as missionaries is feeling like we have a family. It is a strange thing having your family stripped from you and then thrown into a completely different world. THE BEST THING EVER is when as missionaries, we have the support of the ward and the families in it. There is NOTHING more filling and more comforting then feeling like a family needs you. Every day we are rejected and rejected and rejected and REJECTED. It is a very difficult life, but when you have someone, or some family that ACCEPTS YOU and what you have to teach it fills every broken piece of you and makes it easy to go back out and try to help once again.

As a missionary, I get to taste a little bit of what Christ Suffered. The Savior of the World, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings was rejected, spit upon, thrown out, beaten, broken, and ultimately killed for trying to help those whom he loved. I cannot say I know what Christ suffered, but I do know better and will continue to know better the suffering and sacrifice he laid down for us.

I know know know know know know know know know know that our family is one of those families that helps missionaries. I know how Elder Pexton, Hall, Doe, and ALL of the many missionaries that have passed through have felt... We feed them well. they are always welcome. they are apart of our family... Now here is the catch... ready? Savannah, if you really want to help the missionaries keep doing all of that and then one more thing, HELP THEM FIND PEOPLE WHO ARE READY TO RECEIVE THE GOSPEL. THEY NEED PEOPLE TO TEACH!!!! Invite the missionaries to teach a family home evening and invite a friend who is not a member. Invite you friends over and then call the missionaries and tell them that you have people who want to listen to a story or message about Jesus or the Book of Mormon. THE MISSIONARIES NEED PEOPLE TO TEACH. They need people to help look for investigators Sunday Morning so that other people can feel of the filling and renewing spirit of the Sacrament and LEARN about the Savior with people and friends and neighbors their age... The Missionaries Need Help.

The family that feeds the missionaries and helps them out at church and is really really good friends WILL be remembered, but
The family that helps the missionaries Find, Teach, and Baptize, will be remembered far into the ETERNITIES.

Savannah and Natalie and Trevor, the missionaries need your help... We Need Help.

I love you guys very much... I hope you know HOW EXCITED I AM to talk with you guys on skype and see your old faces.

Love you love you love you.

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