Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In my life now , I love speaking Spanish more than English ... Seriously when I need to talk to parents of missionaries , it is difficult to talk to them . Also I do not like to hear people talking in English . The Lord has changed my mind and I am grateful for that change.

Working in the office has been a great blessing . I love working  with Assistant President Chaparro. We are having  a lot of success in our proselyting area . I know the Lord is guiding our efforts because we are not in our area for more than 4 hours each day ... it's amazing to see what can happen with the hand of the Lord .  Amazing ...

Working so closely with President Chaparro is awesome. He reminds me a lot of Bishop Lowell. He is huge and his heart even bigger. I love him very much, and I love learning from him.
My companion: Elder Taylor Dax Purser is from Vernal Utah. He is the Mission Financier (I don't know what that would translate into English). He is in charge of the missionaries funds ($130 USD or $1550 AR Peso) and all of the finances of the mission. It has been a blessing being able to learn about what he does without having to do it. I know I wouldn't be growing and stretching as much if I was the financier and not the Secretary. All the financial stuff would be taken care of in 2 hours and then I would have nothing to do for the rest of the day haha.  Just kidding.... that was prideful... I'm still working on humility...

There are 6 of us who live together:
2 - Assistants to the president - Elder Almond from Valencia CA and Merrill from Payson Utah.
1 - Registrador - Elder Tafur from Peru
1 - Pesionista - Elder Cardoso from Bs As Argentina
1 - Financiero - Purser
1 - Secetario - Hampton

We live in a house a mile and a half away from the mission offices. We walk to work if we don't have the truck.  I love walking because almost every other house has star-jasmine in the front yard so I really really  like to take my time and enjoy the walk to work. The smell reminds me of Zenda Dr. summer nights with the smell of star jasmine surrounding the house.

The mission offices of the church (very church designed and church functional)

The mission home is where Presidente lives.  It's a HUGE house.  Its sick... I'm still waiting for the prime opportunity to take pictures of the inside without being a weird North-American in Argentina taking pictures of people's houses.

Elder Devin G. Hampton

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