Thursday, August 7, 2014

It's Christmas!

Please Excuse my impossible English... Spanish has taken over my brain. Oh what a problem - forgetting English because The Lord has replaced it with Spanish :) 

I opened 3 of the envelopes 
¨1st baptisim¨ ¨open now¨¨for the kids¨

AND for the chicken article and all of the pictures and the written memories. Thank you for sharing and sending your love. 

Cada persona aquĆ­ tiene su propias gallinas! Yo solo quiero ayudar con todo los animales. Cabras, gallinas, chanchitos, todos. Me encanta.

i loved getting all of the videos this week and all of the picutures. Utah looked like a lot of fun!

My High for this week is that I got to experience Salta! ¡QUE LINDO! 
This week I had to fill out some papers in person in Salta so Elder Vera y Yo travled to Salta to get it all done. 5 hours (one way) in a bus can be long, but I brought my hymn book and am in the middle of transposing the entire hymn book for the harmonica. ALMOST DONE! it freaking rocks. The drive to and from is all ¨campo¨entonces we got to watch the jungle, mountains, and plains all pass by as we studied scriptures on the bus. 

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