Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Let's Chat!

I live in Tucuman (just outside of the City) The corner of - Mateo and 9 de Julio​ (if you want to look me up). I don´t work in the city, I work out in the Neighborhoods... The hermanas have the City.

That's good to know! Well look you up for sure!  I know we are not suppose to ask, but Its killing me...Have you received a package yet?

No, no packages from anyone. I have something waiting for me in Salta (since 3 weeks ago), but I probably won't get it until 2 more weeks or more

That is probably a package from me. I mailed it before you left the MTC. Is there a better address to mail to so you get things quicker? I am following the Mission Facebook page but have not seen any pictures of your area yet. I feel like a stalker looking through the page trying to find you! What is your zone called?

Elder Devin Gerald Hampton
Zona - Tucuman Centro; Distrito - Centro II
Compañero Subalterno : en entrenamiento 
ARG-SAL Misión
La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días

Salta is where we get our mail.
They don´t have an internal structure like the USA to ship, sort, and organize mail.
Also we have been advised by our Area Authority that we shouldn´t receive packages. Now, I have done my part by telling you that, but I can´t control what you do :)

I have received nothing at all. A lonely little wolf out here in Argentina.
Hahaha just kidding, but in all seriousness, No I have not received any letters, packages, notes, dear elders, nothing from anyone.
Mail works like this:
1) you send it
2)we receive it
3)it is delivered when there is a meeting in your area - which is like every 2 months.

Well, lonely wolf... You will have some nice surprises when your meetings come around every 2 months! I will keep sending things weekly like I have and whenever you get them you get them! Even if it means celebrating Christmas in July! You are loved and not forgotten son of mine!  

I have never once felt forgotten in the past 3 months. I could never feel forgotten :)
When you send a package, feel free to put like 10 bucks in my account so I can pay for it.
I have to go, but Here are some scriptures to STUDY this week
Alma 14:28
Moshia 3:19
Alma 31:31,33,38
Matthew 19:25-30 (Actually the whole chapter, but start with 25-30)

Keep the faith, be a missionary.
Love you mother of mine :)

Elder Devin G. Hampton

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