Monday, July 21, 2014

Serving In My Dreams

My High for this week - Having Carlos (our most recent convert) go out and teach with us. I was so impressed by his ability to share the gospel. He will be a great missionary.
My Low for this week - Sleeping is very difficult. The cimate is warmer (I don´t need 3 pairs of socks on to fall asleep, but I cannot stay asleep.)
Funny Story: My companion woke me up 3 nights ago. He was having a dream and talking out loud. ¨I testify that this message is true¨ My eyes shot open, I felt lost. I was wondering were i was and where my tie was and my white shirt, then I realized I was in my bed, and Elder Vera was teaching in his Dream. I was so worried I was in a lesson. I felt like I had to share my testimony to the people he was teaching in his dream. ¨I´d like to share a scripture with you guys about Faith, it´s in the Book of Mormon and we can......snoring¨ It is so weird - The life of a missionary. Literally working 24-7 (even in my dreams and apparently  the dreams of my companion, we are still working... maybe when we dream Heavenly Father allows our spirit to leave our body for a little bit and we get to teach people in El Mundo del EspĂ­ritus)... Just Kidding = False Doctrine. 
Sorry its short this week.
Rules for the mission:
1. Email Mother
2. Email President
3. (If you ever have time =Never), Email everyone else.

Elder Devin G. Hampton

​PS I'm sitting next to a vejo and he is on his facebook. I am pretty sure he is like 60 or 70... he´s pretty cool. Stinks... but still pretty cool. ​

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