Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Transplanting A Palm

 Lunch Last Tuesday
 Lunch with Patriarc Badami who owns an Ice cream Shop... 1 kilo of ice cream for dessert to take home...great day!
Companion Exchange
 Teaching the brothers of an investigator how to shine shoes while Elder Moyano was in a baptism interview with her.
 Them shining my shoes.
Leaving the house of an investigators house after a lesson. I believe they borrowed the chairs for the morning so we could have a place to sit while we were teaching.

We got home from Conference on Saturday night and these guys were tring to move a palm tree. The night before I explained how they needed to cut the roots and transplant it without having to do extra work and without it dying. There were 10 (12 with my companion and I) grown men all standing around this dinky palm tree and trying to figure out how to pick it up and move it to the front yard to plant it. We go inside our house and I told Elder Moyano, lets go show them how to move a palm tree. We changed really quick from white shirt to soccer shirt and went over to show them how to do it. Hermana Pazpinto (the grandma who lives in front of our house) said they had been there for 3 hours trying to move the palm tree. Elder Moyano and I moved it and were backfilling the hole in 15 mins. They made us a 1/2 meter sandwich to say thank you. 

  Hermana Pazpinto saw the sandwich and invited herself over to have a bite too.... sweet sweet Hermana Pazpinto.

 Élder Hampton | Misión Argentina Salta

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