Monday, September 28, 2015

Little Old Argentine Ladies

This last week was AWESOME!

3 New families to teach!  2 are super super awesome and are going to be baptized in 3 weeks. 1 family... not so much... it was a bunch of ladies and the poor old guy in the house and all the ladies were more interested in where I was from and my hair cut than what my companion and I were trying to explain to them about the Book of Mormon.
Me: "The Book of Mormon is..."
Them: "So what's your first name."
Me: "Nephi is the first prophet in the Book of Mormon"
Them: "Is it really nice in California"
Me: "Nephi wanted to do the Lord's will to recieve blessings for his family"
Them: "Do you have a girl friend?"
Me: "We're going to end with a prayer now..."

So that's a little exaggerated (Hal Hampton) but I really lose my patience with some people who don't even care what I am saying... "I am trying to save your soul and you don't even listen long enough to understand that!" We find a lot of people in Satiago, lots of people to teach, but only a few really listen to what we are saying... I understand a little bit more how Christ felt when trying to teach people and the Pharisees and Scribes and Jewish Leaders would just ask stupid questions and try to throw Him off or change the subject... "Let's end with a prayer now..."

Slept on the roof last night. The eclipse was awesome to watch... I don't know if California got to see it.

My P-days are very routine. 0730 hrs wake up. Wash something and clean something until 0900 hrs Hermano Jimenez First Counselor in our Branch picks us up to play futbol in the church. 1100 hrs Walk around in Centro for an hour people watching and looking at cool things to buy that I will never buy. 1300 hrs buy some bags of milk... 1pckt of noodles... rice... that's about it.  1500 hrs Nap/Lunch/Letters/Study/Wash Clothes/Make ties/Clean House/Kill bugs/etc until 1900 hrs when we leave the house to teach. It's too hot to leave the house during the afternoon..... pure desert. We aren't in Summer yet, but as you guys are in "Fall" (yeah right. Like Fall exists in the Coachella Valley) we are in Spring (Pre-Summer)... really similar weather.

Please pray that:
People come to General Conference this next Week.
Paola and Marcos will be baptized on the 10th.
That Luis and Victoria will get married in 2 weeks.
That Leo and Flavia will receive an answer about the Book of Mormon and that they have enough Faith to act upon their answer.
That we keep finding complete families where the Dad wants to be baptized as well.

I love you all very much!

Élder Hampton | Misión Argentina Salta

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