Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Big Bear

This week was tough... Elder Purser is leaving the offices to be a Zone Leader in San Pedro de Jujuy. He'll probably end his mission there.

Elder Mann from Murray Utah is the new financial secretary of the mission. He has 4 months in the mission. He's awesome. I'm really excited to work with him in the offices and teach alongside him in the área. He's 18 years old... I'm about to turn 21... Oh I remember the days of juventud and the mentality of a young one... Older and Wiser now I am excited to be taught by him.

I have fallen in love with our backyard. It has a huge grape vine. I moved a table outside and 6 chairs under the grape vine and we eat grapes and spit the seeds as we plan every night in the house.

I about had to hold Elder Purser down in a lesson yesterday. On a scale of 1 - 10 Elder Purser don't have much patience... and I don't blame him... We were teaching a guy named Mauro. Golden! He uses his head when we're teaching him, Listens and Responds to the questions we ask him, but one problem... He loves his Catholic Church... He loves it so much... We were teaching him about Joseph Smith and he just laid it all out for us.
"I am really glad you guys came over and shared this message with me. I know the Book of Mormon is true, but I'm never ever going to change my religion."
Receiving this question from Heaven, I asked him: "If God himself came down from the Heavens and said 'Mauro you need to change religions and change your life' Would you do it?"
He responded (this is not a lie) "...um.....well...no... I really love my church. No, I wouldn't change."

Oh goodness...

Elder Purser's eyes about shot out of his head. Elder Purser is like a big bear. Elder Purser then asked him in a very tense and elevated tone "You think you are bigger then God?!" Well in English he said "You think you are you better than God!" Geez... I couldn't really believe Mauro's answer... I don't get how BLIND people can be at times to the things of God.... Ugh...... my patience is really tried when people don't open their eyes. It's so hard to see people being lead by the hand of Satan... It breaks my heart and makes Elder Purser want to punch Satan in the face when the sons and daughters of God are so easily mislead....

Goodness Gracious...

Well. That's about all to report this week.
Traslados are this weekend. 13 leave and 12 are headed in. I love the nuevitos... I love love love it.
Elder Purser se va, voy extrañar ese oso.

Siguen adelante con su fe puesta firmemente en el futuro y no en el pasado.

Watch this video. It's a good one:
Look Not behind Thee

Love you all very much,

Élder Hampton|Secretario

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