Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Palm Tree

You are the lucky one who gets my email this week. I don't have a full hour to write on the computer so I am emailing you!

I loved your question..."Tell me about someone you are teaching".

I want to share a little about Leo Arjona.

2 weeks ago Elder Brazell and I were walking back from a lesson that fell through and felt really disappointed that the family didn't want to listen to us...
We were walking in the street and a palm tree caught my eye (there aren't many in Argentina so it was out of ordinary to see it.) I felt that God planted the palm tree years before knowing that ME OF ALL PEOPLE would notice the palm tree and take it as a sign from God to talk with the family inside (I know... it's a stretch of a miracle but stay with me). Rang the door bell... no one home... next house.... no one.... determined...last house.... no one....waited. waited. waited. LEO ARJONA answers the door. He tells us to come back later. We come back. He lets us in and he just opens up right away.
"I have been really far from God and I feel like I need to come back. What do you two suggest?"
"I didn't have a good experience in my last church so I left, but I know that church is very important. So I felt like I should open the door to you."

Leo has a baby (his name is Nacho or Ignacio) and his girl friend Lourdes. He is golden!

A PALM TREE.... REALLY?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!? Years and Years aand YEARS of working with palm tress and God uses one to help us be guided to Leo...

Sitting in the General Conference I felt very very impressed that we needed to share eternal maraige with him (this was in our 2nd lesson!) I could just see in his eyes and you could just see that the spirit was working with him. Some times when the spirit is so strong some investigators get scared and actually go in the opposite direction. We have another lesson with him tomorrow at 4:00pm Arg time keep him in your prayers and Elder Brazell too..

I love you so much Savannah!
I wrote you a note today.

It should get to the house before Halloween.

I love you all... pass the message along to the rest of the family.

Élder Hampton | Misión Argentina Salta

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