Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Adventure Begins

Gone... just like that... for 2 Years ~ 730 Days ~ 17,520 Hours ~ 1,051,200 Minutes! 

How is it that after 20 1/12 year of preparation and dreaming about this exact day, I was not able to prepare myself for the day that Devin would actually leave on his mission? I am not quite sure how any person prepares for the mixed tornado of emotions that I am feeling today! So very excited for Devin to finally be living a very large dream of his own, and extremely happy that he has chosen to serve The Lord for the next two years of his life. On the other end of the spectrum is this over whelming sadness that sweeps through my body thinking about the length of time before I will be able to hug my oldest son again! When I let my thoughts drift selfishly that direction, I have to immediately focus on all the amazing positive experiences Devin will be living the next 730 days of his life.  There is absolutely nothing else in this world that can provide the life lessons, learning experiences and personal growth that a mission can, and it is this very reason that puts a smile on my face and peace in my heart. Then I try to convince myself that 1,051,200 minutes isn't that long........

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  1. Love the blog. Thank you for doing this. He is a great missionary and sure wish we could hear the whistling choir. It will be so fun to keep up with his letters. Love