Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MTC Week 3

What an awesome group of missionaries - 149th Branch
President Shallenberger                      Brother Slingerland                         Brother Dowdle

I am emailing you (Mom and Grandma both) because you both keep sending me spiritual things and I LOVE THEM!
I wish I had the time to respond to every quote, bear my testimony of every principle, share my experiences but thank heavens we have eternity to do that.

To let you know, every Sunday and Tuesday night's we have devotionals for the whole MTC. In the last 3 weeks, we have heard from:
L. Tom Perry
Russel M. Nelson
and 90 mins of Q and A with David A. Bednar
Rumor has it that because so many mission presidents are coming into the MTC in a week, the Devotional on June 10th is going to be something to remember...we'll see.

I have been deeply studying different people or groups of people in the LDM (Libro de Mormon) and have tried to be a missionary like a Strippling Warrior. I've been studying their characteristics these past 3 days, and have fallen in love with their levels of faith and EXACT obedience. Liken all scriptures to ourselves. ALSO, my deeper doctrinal studies have taken me to the nature, qualities, and characteristics of celestial living. "The Vision" given to Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigedon, recorded in D&C 76 is so rich... We should be living our life on Earth in practice for Celestial Living, but how do we know how to live if we don't learn about it?

Also, I have gained such a testimony of the Doctrine of Christ (commonly referenced in 2Nephi 31 but also in other parts of the LDM). Putting a few pieces of Doctrine together makes for very powerful revelation when trying to understand the significance of the Doctrine of Christ.

Any ways, there is an infinite amount of celestial knowledge to learn, I cannot wait to share my experiences with you both later on, or in 2 years.

I love you both

Adelante, siempre adelante,

Elder Devin G. Hampton

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