Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MTC Week #4

As for my week:
Getting two packages was perfect! I love getting more mail than my comp. Every day is a competition.
I wrote parts for different hymns so we now have 3 harmonicas in our apartment and play hymns in 2-3 part harmony. It's pretty awesome.
Had a boat race after church on Sunday. Mine is the one that has a sail made out of 2 leaves.
I get my travel plans this Friday. I will have exact travel times and dates next Wednesday. (It is expected for me to leave on 16th though.)
Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. It does make a difference.
It's crazy. I don't think I know Spanish and then I'll go into a lesson with E' Bradley and we'll be teaching for over 1 hour in straight Spanish (lessons should not go that the way). But the Spirit truly does "Bring ALL things to your remembrance"

I love you Love you LOVE YOU.
Elder Devin G. Hampton

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