Monday, June 30, 2014

Powdered Milk & Oatmeal

Our washer machine is a drum with a sick in the middle that rotates.

Our dryer is a spinning drum that rings out the water than then we hang dry our clothes in our kitchen in front of our space heater.
My breakfast every morning (i say every morning because I´m trying to get into a routine every morning and night to help keep some stability in the life of a missionary and they days will go by smoother) is hot powered milk, 1 scoop of oatmeal with a little chocolate milk powder for flavor. The left over tortilla is a special treat. I usually only have oatmeal and powdered milk.
Lunch is the only MEAL of the day so dinner is also something like powered milk and or a piece of bread. I eat a ton of food for lunch. Members feed us lunch and they don´t let you leave unless they know you have eaten 3 portion sizes.
I am learning to pick and choose my battles (internal and external) and This week has been much better than the last. I feel like I can actually do this for another 22 months.
I love you, 
Your son Elder Hampton

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