Thursday, June 12, 2014

MTC Week #5

Elder Quentin L. Cook spoke last night at the devotional last night, and I was just lit on fire inside... I love learning the Gospel, but I am just so ready to share it. I am ready to change people's lives.
I am so blessed to be a missionary. No joke... I am freaking crying right now because I know the Lord trusts me with so much. It's like having a best friend who you never say thank you to; never apologize to, never do anything nice for and they just still keep on loving you unconditionally... My Spanish is SO much better. I am thinking in Spanish. I hate it during the day when people talk to me in English because I have to keep my thoughts in Spanish in order to continue to progress at the rate I have been these past 2 weeks.
We have a principle "H.S.E." (Hable su idoma) which means you need to try with all your might to speak your language all that you can. Don't say "and" when you can say "y" don't say prayer when you can so easily say "oraciĆ³n". That is the key to being blessed with el don de languas.

Elder Devin G. Hampton

aqui esta my flight itinerary:
Delta Air Lines:
Flight 1912 LV: SLC - 11:05AM   AR: Atlanta, GA - 4:50pm (June 16th 2014)
Flight 101​   LV: Atlanta 9:10pm AR: Buenos Aires, ARG. 8:20am (June 16th - June 17th 2014)

I don't know if I fly to Salta or bus. I will know when I get to Buenos Aires, ARG.

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