Monday, June 23, 2014

Argentina...My New Home

I arrived 6 days ago into what will be my home for the next 22 months. I LOVE IT.
I could take the last 10 mins I have to talk about food and arectecture or other various REALLY COOL things that I have been able to experience, but I want to share a story instead.
Missionaries teach, and talk, and if they're not teaching they're finding, and if we are not talking we are walking. We have met with a lot of very very special Argentineans this last week but my favorite lesson was with a 15 year old boy named ramon. Ramon just started ¨working the street¨last week. We were going to teach his mother but she wasn't home so we asked if he wanted to talk about the church with us - there is a difference teaching younger people. You can see it in their eyes. Ramon was exhausted physically and emotionally. you could tell it had been a long first week for him. He had made a fire in a bucket outside of his house and all i could see was his dirty callused hands and the sillouette of his face - we talked about the change we can experience when we repent and the power we can receive when call upon the saviors atonement. I said there is a difference when teaching young people and here it is. The still believe in hope. we were sitting by the fire but I could see the HOPE burning behind his eyes. I could see how  badly he wanted to change his life. Life without the challenges passed from generation to generation. I could touch the spirit of hope that was so prevalently abundant between us as we spoke.
I want to bear my testimony that this work is REAL. I don´t know how it works logistically or physically or chemically in our bodies and our spirits, but there is a REAL and powerful change that is available to those who repent. There is a power so real and so influential that can be accessed by anyone and everyone in the world.
Christ´s atonement is REAL, if you want to think of it as a superpower you can because it is very similar. I rely on it every day. I need it now more than ever if I want to teach with the Spirit.
I love my savior and I love his work.
I am his servant because he is my savior.

With all of the hope and love that I can express,
Elder Devin G. Hampton

​PS, I am sorry for the spelling and grammer, my focus is Spanish, not english... Chao.​
I need all the prayers and help from Heaven I can get.
Please pray for my humility to grow, my tounge to speak the language, and for my heart to soften towards the people.

Con amor y paz

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