Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MTC Week #1

This week has definitely been a crazy one for me as well. I loved getting the letters you sent me and the "dear elders" you and the girls sent me. Whenever we get a letter from anyone, we read them out loud to our district during dinner or lunch. It has been so good being able to relax within my own district. I told you on Sunday, but in case you didn't hear, I am a District Leader. The mission is organized as follows Mission>Areas>Zones>Districts>Companionship.

Hearing your response to my cutout has mad my day. I LOVE the family picture with me in it, and I love how Trevor is standing in the pool so he can fit in to the picture. I'm also glad you got your edible arrangement. I was worried something would happen and it would make it for some reason.

I really liked having lunch with Jim Parks before I left. He was able (as always) to add a little excitement towards my already overflowing cup of excitement. I will email him/write him a note and tell him thank you.
How was seeing Trevor and Lilly all ready for Prom? their picture looks SO great. Trevor looks like such a boss.

Until next week,

Elder Devin G. Hampton

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